Reviewing a number of Exir Asa “IDEAL” Honors:‎

‎“Baerlocher” Germany certification‎

Baerlocher group is one of the pioneering suppliers of additives in the world . Company’s know-how in producing and using plastic additives is exemplary.

standard 001
Obligatory and incentive standard sign of uPVC and HPVC

Standard executive terms

lola 001
CE standard ‎

CE sign on a product explains that the product comply with sustainability, safety and healthy rules and regulations of EU. These rules are called “Product Directives” in short.

European Economic Community

Standard of European economic community

OHSAS standard ‎

Standard is also known as “occupational safety and health management” standard, provides necessities for organizations searching for the highest level of safety for their employers. This standard specifies requirements for a management system, enabling the organization for better risk control and improving performance.

ISO 14001 standard

This standard sets requirements for environmental concerns and preventing companies’ pollutants to harm the environment. This standard can be applied for production and service organizations. ISO 14001 also covers national environmental rules and regulations, because the requirements of this standard is beyond the national standards.

ISO 9001 Standard

 An international standard known for developing, executing and preserving quality management system in every organization. (official definition: ISO 9001 is the ultimate global benchmark for quality management and critical tool for boosting your company’s success, profitablitity and market potential) This standard is considered for all organizations at any scale or any size.

گواهی مرکز تحقیقات(1)
Technical certification of national “Road, Housing and Urban Development Research Center‎

This certification is the national construction regulations support document which is directly issued from the “Road, Housing and Urban Development Research Center” organization. This certification indicates the match between the function and quality of materials, products and housing systems using the defined criteria in the topics of national housing regulations.

آزمون هوازدگی
Success in the 6000-hour test of weathering at “Road, Housing and Urban Development ‎Research Center”‎
Selected standard division of construction materials

National standard organization of Islamic Republic of Iran is the official governmental authority in the country which is responsible for policy making, supervising and directing the standard system and reassuring quality of products and services produced or provided in the country, imported from abroad or exported to other countries.

lumin20 (1 of 1)-102 (2)
‎IDEAL uPVC, the selected brand

Selected brand at the the World Summit

lumin20 (1 of 1)-103 (2)
Selected division of productivity ‎

Selected unit of productivity at the 7th productivity convention

lumin20 (1 of 1)-116
Industry, Trade and National Development Leaders
lumin20 (1 of 1)-114
“Architecture, Housing and Urbanism Giants”
lumin20 (1 of 1)-115
‎“famed Iranian Industry and Trade” ‎

IDEAL uPVC, the selected brand

lumin20 (1 of 1)-112
Golden statue of “standard quality of constructing materials of Iran”‎

National standard organization of Iran

lumin20 (1 of 1)-111
Certificate of appreciation from “Productivity Association of Iran”‎

Productivity association of Iran

selected provincial standard unit

Standard administration